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As a fourth-generation singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, music is literally embedded in Davis Bain's DNA. Like his ancestors, Davis has harbored a passion for stringed instruments since his youth. He fell in love with the acoustic guitar at a young age.  At the age of 19 Davis picked up the electric guitar and soon found himself playing R&B, funk, and gospel music in various bands performing in the Minneapolis area.

Davis set his sights on becoming a recording artist after discovering the albums that his estranged father had recorded and released from his farmhouse studio. From that moment forward, he has focused on writing, performing, and producing his own songs.

Together with his long time friend, music producer Afrokeys, Davis has co-produced and released two full length albums under the moniker "Bain": 2014's "Love In Blue" and 2019's "Around The Sun". For his upcoming third full length album, he has linked up with Grammy nominated music producer Nicolay, best known as one half of independent soul duo and label-operators The Foreign Exchange. As the lead single and title track, "Lifetime", illustrates, Davis Bain is fully leaning into the artistry that seems to have been bestowed upon him at birth.



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