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Seven Questions with The Foreign Exchange (via Triangle.com)

by +FE on December 27, 2012 at 4:12 AM · Comments
After three studio albums, a GRAMMY nod, and, now, on the heels of a two-year global tour, the boys of The Foreign Exchange -- rapper/singer/songwriter Phonte Coleman and Producer Nicolay -- are set to bend the boards and bring in the New Year for their first-ever Bull City show, to stage at The Cotton Room as part of The Art of Cool Project's NYE show.

In the age of the Twitterverse -- where even the latest Bond Girl wrangled her spot in "Skyfall" via a tweet-the-right-people onslaught -- social-media creative connections might not seem that arbitrary, or shocking. But do they last? Apparently, if you're +FE. After an (e-)meeting, and connection, on rap message board OKAYPlayer.com 10 years ago -- from Raleigh (Phonte) to Holland (Nicolay) -- that led to that across-the-pond first album in 2004 ("Connected," completed before they ever met in person), the boys of +FE are proximal (Nicolay relocated to Wilmington, N.C., in 2006), flourishing and ever-so-humbly unaffected by rising fame.

Now with their own label (FE Music, 2008, with Director of Operations Aimee Flint) and their fourth studio album on the horizon, they are still the same sound engineers with a shared vision who sought each other out over social media. "It's not about mass production. It's personal," says Phonte, of the intended heartbeat of their qualifiably electronic sound. "It's very warm and very human," he continues. "It's not processed and edited to the point where you can't see any fingerprints on it. It's something that very much breathes."

And now? With all those carefully crafted fingerprints, they're finally gonna 'bring it home,' and leave their footprint in Durham.

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Create Your Space: Nicolay of The Foreign Exchange

by +FE on December 5, 2012 at 11:21 AM · Comments
Create Your Space: Nicolay of The Foreign Exchange
During this summer, The Conscious Tip was lucky enough to catch Nicolay with The Hot At Nights live in both Chicago and Kansas City. It was interesting to see Nicolay headlining his own tour but he was definitely up for the challenge. With the assistance of the eclectic trio The Hot At Nights, the show was full of energy from start to finish. We got a chance to catch up with Nicolay after the show in KC and discussed a variety of topics. Props to Nicolay, one of the most humble artists out.

Filmed by: Julian Davenport & Whitt Dubois
Edited by: Whitt DuBois

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