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SunStorm Week!

by Zo! on July 26, 2010 at 1:33 PM · Comments

This is NOT the way I had the release of the biggest album of my career planned out in my head. The reason? Well, the D.C. area was hit with about 15-20 minutes of a ridiculous storm Sunday afternoon around 3pm... It is currently 11:25am Monday morning and electric current decided to show itself only about 30 minutes ago after deserting the place for 19-20 hours. I went out driving on a couple of different occasions to look for food (sounds like I shoulda been on Oregon Trail or som'n) yesterday while the power was out, and here are the statistics in regards to what I witnessed: 5 car accidents, 4 working traffic lights, and 0 Pepco trucks out working on anything. So here I lay on the floor of my house typing out a blog entry that I would have loved to have posted 11 1/2 hours ago to kick "SunStorm Week" off properly... but I'm sure you all understand. The power is back on and I can smile again...

Anyway, where do I begin?... Ok... Well, the production work for the album began roughly two years ago, but the groundwork and foundation a/k/a the blood, sweat, tears, and additional bullshit began well over ten years ago. The title SunStorm and concept behind the album both relate to the ups and downs of my musical journey up to this point. To say the least, it has been an interesting ride all leading up to tomorrow's release date... Tuesday, July 27th.

So in the spirit of always wanting to involve you all, my peoples in all of my releases... I wanted everyone who pre-ordered a copy of the album to send a picture to me of you and SunStorm. I actually received a pretty good amount of pics... *wipes tear* I didn't know y'all cared so much. LOL Now, just because this entry it up today doesn't mean it's too late to send me pics... I'll just continue to add them as I get them! Send them through to... C3V5Music@gmail.com

So here's how "SunStorm Week" will work... Beginning tomorrow, I will be posting the stories behind each of the 12 songs contained on the album (two songs per day). For each song, I would love for you all to comment and provide your own personal reflection with regards to each particular joint... Let's make this fun, involved and most of all let's celebrate this release together! Enjoy the music... and enjoy the week!

Now let's get into these pics that you all shared with me...

I even had to get in on the picture taking in Portland...!