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Postcards From Shibuya #3: Shibuya Station/Crossing

by Nicolay on September 17, 2009 at 9:07 AM · Comments
In a series of blogs titled 'Postcards From Shibuya', Nicolay explains what the inspiration was for his new album and how its songs came together.

'City Lights Vol. 2: Shibuya' is built around two 'suites', or sets, of four and six instrumental songs respectively. The two suites are book-ended by several vocal songs that feature Carlitta Durand. "Lose Your Way", the album's introduction, segues into the first suite, consisting of "Shibuya Station", "Crossing", "Rain In Ueno Park" and "Satellite".

The demo version of "Shibuya Station" was among those first ideas that I recorded almost immediately after returning from my trip to Tokyo. The uptempo drums and percussion represent the frantic pace of the city's traffic, with a nod to 8-Bit Nintendo music in the intro. With over two million people passing through each workday (!), "Shibuya Station" is one of the world's busiest railway stations, and it seemed like the most appropriate starting point for a walk around Shibuya. A big shout out to my brother Zo! for laying down a smoldering solo on the Rhodes.

Crossing | Uploaded by Nicolay Music.

"Shibuya Station" and "Crossing", while two separate tracks on the album, are closely related to each other, since I developed the latter from the midsection of the former. I took the idea for the midsection from a drum pattern in 6/4 that I had quickly put down one day, and I just built layer upon layer on top of it . The title refers to the famous diagonal pedastrian crossing right outside Shibuya Station. Every time the light changes, a sea of people flow onto the crossing from multiple angles, yet somehow they never bump into each other. It truly is an amazing sight.

'City Lights Vol. 2: Shibuya' is in stores NOW. To find out where to purchase your copy, click here. You can still download the first single, "Lose Your Way" feat. Carlitta Durand, as well as the album sampler, free of charge through this website.

Thanks for listening, and I hope that you enjoy the album,


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