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Off The Shelf #6: Ilwil feat. Jameze - "So Far" [Prod. Nicolay]

by Nicolay on August 4, 2009 at 10:05 AM · Comments
We've come so far...
So Far This week's 'Off The Shelf' installment was actually requested through Twitter. You may know the song "So Far" in the instrumental version that is included on City Lights Vol. 1.5, or in the remix version that is included on The Dutch Masters Vol. 1, but the original vocal version is a little less known. The song, performed by Ilwil (Donwill and Ilyas) featuring Jameeze, was recorded around 2002, during what you could call our Okayplayer days. I'm sure that we posted it up on The Lesson, and Ilwil included the original version on their 'Beat Thieves Vol. 1 Mixtape', that is no longer in print.

Donwill and Ilyas are better known as two thirds of the group Tanya Morgan, the third third being another one of my Okayplayer homies, mc/producer Von "First Date" Pea. Their latest album, Brooklynati, is in stores right now and is a must-have if you like your hip hop fresh. Don't sleep!

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Verses by Donwill and Ilyas | Hooks by Jameeze | All instruments and programming by Nicolay | 2002


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