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Off The Shelf #3: United Soul feat. Yahzarah & Phonte "Soulclap" (Nicolay Remix)

by Nicolay on June 9, 2009 at 3:49 PM · Comments
'Off The Shelf' is the name of a recurring series on +FE Music. For each episode, Nicolay digs into his archives to present you with a gem that has never been released, or that has otherwise been forgotten about.
Soulclap I am pretty sure that the fellas of United Soul (an R&B duo from Philadelphia that since changed their name to U.City) didn't end up using this remix, but I know they liked it, and so does my wife Aimee, who suggested it for the next installment of Off The Shelf. Just a smooth joint to cuddle up with your significant other to, done sometime in '05. Shoutouts to U.City, Yahzarah and Phonte. Enjoy, and thanks for listening!



Vocals by United Soul, Yahzarah and Phonte | All instruments and programming by Nicolay, 2005


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