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Grammy-nominated rapper/singer/songwriter/producer Phonte Coleman was raised in Greensboro, NC.

Phonte got his musical start by singing in his grandmother’s church choir and making beats on a Gemini sampler in high school. After entering North Carolina Central University in 1997, Phonte met future bandmates Thomas Jones (Big Pooh) and Patrick Douthit (9th Wonder) and formed the group Little Brother in 2001. The group released four critically acclaimed albums before finally disbanding in early 2010. Afterwards, Phonte focused his career on singing, songwriting, and producing with longtime Foreign Exchange partner Nicolay.

Phonte's long-awaited solo album, "Charity Starts At Home", drops September 27, 2011 on +FE Music.

+ Charity Starts At Home (2011)
+ Dear Friends: An Evening With The Foreign Exchange (The Foreign Exchange (2011)
+ Authenticity (The Foreign Exchange) (2010)
+ Leftback (Little Brother) (2010)
+ Leave It All Behind (The Foreign Exchange) (2008)
+ Zo! & Tigallo Love the 80's (2008)
+ Getback (Little Brother) (2007)
+ The Minstrel Show (Little Brother) (2005)
+ Connected (The Foreign Exchange) (2004)
+ The Listening (Little Brother) (2002)
+ The Story of U.S. (2001)

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