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Median was raised in Wilmington, NC. Born in Queens NYC the same year as the birth of hip-hop (1979), the music, culture, and overall atmosphere has always had presence and influence in his life. In high school, among other things, Median was known for his witty freestyles and beatboxing. After entering North Carolina State University in 1997, Median met with like-minded emcees and producers. They formed the crew The Justus League in 1999. They gained a local following as well as national and international attention via internet. In 2005 Median released the critically acclaimed EP titled "The Path to Relief." In 2007 he released his debut album "Median's Relief" on Halftooth Records.

-The Path to Relief EP (2005)
-Median's Relief (2007)

-During college he did a national student exchange at USCDH (Carson, California) as well as a summer independent study at the University of Ghana (Legon) in West Africa.
-Has been a vegetarian for 11 years.
-Raised with no brothers or father figure, Median is now surrounded by his wife and three daughters in addition to his mother and older sister.
-Prefers vaporizing over blunts.
-Is a textbook Pisces.
-Prefers wine over beer and liquor.
-Has read the entire old testament of the Bible and the Koran from cover to cover.
-Melrose Foxx, Sinnamon Love, and the slim version of Pinky are his favorite adult film stars.
-Had a New Year resolution to create lyrics in his head instead of writing down.
-Stays perpetually two weeks from being in complete physical shape.
-His favorite song from his works is a toss-up between "Visionary," "Right Or Wrong," "M.A.D.," "Comfortable," "Doing Dances," and whatever his newest song is at the moment.
-Has a few accidental brands, but no tattoos.

Life Philosophy
"The world I know is a world too slow. If you don't move fast enough, keep your head low." -Esthero
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