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Aimee Flint

Director of Operations for +FE Music, Aimee Flint is currently living in her hometown of Wilmington NC.

Aimee Flint began her career similar to the many music lovers in the industry by getting a job at a record store. She has worked her way through consumer level music retail and management, account service representation and field marketing for a major label distributor to phone sales and national distribution. After meeting Nicolay during a stateside visit in early 2005, she soon later became his right hand man for the American side of his company, Nicolay Music, handling everything from event booking, publicity (press & radio), even the online web store, which is still run by her to this day. During the early stages of the Leave It All Behind album, Flint joined The Foreign Exchange Music and is a true solider for the team, she can be found at any event either keeping things running smoothly, setting up the stage or even hustling the merch at the end of the night.

- Came up with the concept for the ‘Here’ album, “I am here, you are there, the only difference is the T”
- Has photography credits on Nicolay’s ‘Here’, ‘City Lights 2: Shibuya” and Nicolay & Kay’s ‘Time:Line
- Got out of school early in the 6th grade to see her first concert ever, New Kids On The Block at the Dean Dome in Chapel Hill NC
- Always open for a game of Yahtzee, Skip Bo, Phase 10 or Rummikub
- Aimee's mother and Phonte's family come from the same small town in NC, population after the 2000 census was 3,493
- Other passion is SCUBA diving; an advanced open water diver who is enriched air certified and enjoys spear fishing for grouper & hogfish snapper, deepest depth 110ft (33m)
- Refuses not shop at Wal-Mart and will always bring her own bags for shopping
- She went to the same high school in Wilimington that Median attended, graduating a year apart from each other
- At 19, she fell off a homemade zip line on her first day of vacation in Florida and due to no one thinking it was broken, she later received a plate & 8 pins in left ankle to correct the injury

Life Philosophy
“Against the grain, that’s where Ill stay, swimming upstream, I will maintain against the grain .. “ – Bad Religion
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