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The Foreign Exchange - Maybe She'll Dream Of Me

by +FE on October 10, 2010 at 5:21 PM · Comments
from: Authenticity

Lyrics by Phonte Coleman

Wondering if
A face that wears a smile like yours
Has ever heard a 'no' before
Such a beauty and a blessing
And if no one else'll tell it
I will, I will

Wondering if
A man like me could swallow his pride
Would you stay with me and stand by my side?
And let nothing come between it
Girl you know I really mean it
For real, for real, for real

When she lays down at night
I wonder what she sees
When she thinks of paradise
Maybe she'll dream of me
So every night I pray
That when she goes to sleep
And she dreams of a love
Maybe she'll dream of me

Just imagine the possibilities
(Talk about the possibility)
If you would only let down your guard
I always say, my love is easy babe
You don't have to make it so hard

I know you want nothing else
But you can try and tell yourself
Its all a game, all a game
I know you been lonely wishin
For a love that goes the distance
Call my name
Cause I am in love with you

I'm thinking that ya outta my league
Walkin round lookin like something right outta my dreams
People sayin me and you is like the finest cheerleader
Goin with the dude that got picked last for the team
But desire's a miraculous thing
When ya soul get ravenous, all ya want is just a little happiness
And you would gladly grab it from the average things
No matter how it looks or how absurd that it seems
So its pertinent to stay with what is workin, nahmean?
Even if your perfect person is alerted by screams
And whispers, and yells, and 'wows'
And 'how are they together, man I just cant believes'
This is something that the OG's call composure
Keep me in mind
Baby, you're my star and I know we aligned
Sweet candy for me and my dreaming eyes
And when I lay down at night, maybe she'll be in mine

(c) 2010 Daddy's New Bowtie (ASCAP)

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