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Pacific Time EP

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Nicolay/The Hot At Nights - Glaciers
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Phonte - No News Is Good News
No News Is Good News

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Hide&Seek (Compiled by The Foreign Exchange)
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Phonte and Eric Roberson - Tigallerro
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Get Out Your Hoodie: Songs For Fall (via NPR Music)

by +FE on October 28, 2010 at 10:58 AM · Comments
NPR Music staff has included Laughing At Your Plans by The Foreign Exchange in their Songs For Fall playlist. Under the appropriately cozy title Get Out Your Hoodie, NPR Music staff published their favorite fall music, and this new track from Authenticity featuring Chantae Cann fit the bill perfectly.
The Foreign Exchange is the R&B outfit of Phonte (rapper, singer and songwriter of the now-dismantled North Carolina rap duo Little Brother) and Nicolay, the multi-instrumentalist whose coruscating, typically Moog-driven production illuminates the duo's swooning and lustrous sound. Their latest album, Authenticity, is well-positioned to be the soundtrack of this year's fall season -- not only because of the timing of its release, but for each song's tailor-fitted mood and feel. The jovial and upbeat "Laughing at Your Plans," a duet featuring rising singer-songwriter Chantae Cann, is about as colorful and vibrant as the changing leaves of fall; in both a melodic and literal sense, it optimistically embraces that which is beyond our control. So bundle up in your hoodie and bask in the acoustic ambiance of this song as you bid the warm weather adieu. -- Andre Barnes, NPR Music
Click here to listen to NPR Music's Songs For Fall playlist. You can still download Maybe She'll Dream Of Me for FREE by clicking here

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