Nicolay - City Lights Vol. 1.5
City Lights Vol. 1.5
Release date
September 13, 2005

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Nicolay - City Lights Vol. 1.5

by +FE on September 1, 2005 at 11:47 AM · Comments
As the acclaimed producer of The Foreign Exchange Connected album, Nicolay returns to give music lovers his first production offerings to the world. City Lights Volume 1.5 is a collection of refreshingly lush and layered beats blended together providing the perfect soundtrack to "The City". Originally offered as a very limited promotional CD, Volume 1.5 contains re-mastered music along with 5 bonus tracks that display why Nicolay name is on the tip of everybody's tongues.

City Lights Volume 1.5 features the standout instrumental compositions "Indian Summer" and "Band Practice" along with the now famed Little Brother credited instrumental track "Light It Up". As well, the album features triumphant track "Victory" which will make you fell like you can conquer "The City".

01. Theme from City Lights
02. Intro
03. Fantastic
04. Light It Up
05. City Sounds
06. Indian Summer
07. So Far
08. Band Practice
09. Hey!
10. Dy-No-Mite
11. Memory Lane
12. Sunshine Life
13. The Sopranos
14. We Can Fly
15. Theme from City Lights
16. Springtime In The City
17. On Ice
18. There's No Guarantee
19. Victory
20. City Lights Reprise

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