The Foreign Exchange - Connected
Release date
August 24, 2004

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The Foreign Exchange - Connected

by +FE on August 24, 2004 at 12:50 PM · Comments
Representative of how the Internet can aid in creating music, The Foreign Exchange started when Little Brother rapper Phonte heard a beat on Okayplayer.com by Dutch producer Nicolay and asked if he could lay some vocals over it. Nicolay agreed, and the song "Light It Up" appeared shortly after as the B-side to "Whatever You Say" off Little Brother's 2003 album, The Listening. Relying mainly on Instant Messenger and email, the duo continued to work together, with Nicolay sending beats to Phonte, who would add vocals and send them back until they had enough tracks together to form an album. Not once during the entire process of making their debut, Connected, which came out in 2004, did the members of the Foreign Exchange speak over the phone or in person.

01. Foreign Exchange Title Theme
02. Von Sees
03. Raw Life
04. Hustle, Hustle
05. Let's Move
06. Nic's Groove
07. Be Alright
08. Sincere
09. Brave New World
10. The Answer
11. Come Around
12. Happiness
13. Foreign Exchange End Theme
14. All That You Are
15. Be Alright (Nicolay's Easybreezy Sunday Afternoon Remix)
16. Call
17. Downtime (Nicky Troutman's Bounce To The Ounce Remix)
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''The Foreign Exchange's LP is a successful blend of artistry.'' - Dominic Umile for PopMatters [Click here to read the full review]
''Connected is a sweltering, improbable 14-track symphony teeming with potent lyricism and subtle, lustrous rhythmatics.'' - Jamin Warren for Pitchfork [Click here to read the full review]
''Through a potent mix of battle-ready lyricism, falsetto crooning and European ambient grooves, [The Foreign Exchange] create Hip-Hop music from outside the box.'' - Jerry L. Barrow for The Source [Click here to read the full review]
''Bubbling with soulful, mellow warmth, Connected is both an exemplary program of neo-Soulquarian groovology and a rewarding conceptual piece about people getting along in the face of adversity.'' - Chairman Mao for XXL [Click here to read the full review]

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